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August Marketing

We are a Marketing Company and Creative Design Company.

To be the providers of strategic business solution services, which deliver long term benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements to deliver quality personal and professional services that represent good value. We strive to build long term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Web Design

We love building websites. And we’re good at it too. We design websites that your customers and search engines will embrace. We build them with you and your audiences needs in mind, not design awards. Website Design that works for your business.

Web Development

August Marketing improvise their clients with the full set up website, this includes building, creating and maintaining the website. We as the company, develop the website for our clients by using various different ways of web scripts.

Graphics Design

We design Logos, branding, & design for print (poster, brochure, leaflet, flyer, Advert Design). Our brand & strategy work is focused on extending the brands that we work with, helping our clients infuse their brand into every action that they take.

Digital Marketing

August Marketing develops the websites along with this promote the businesses on the digital platforms by creating and managing digital campaigns for our clients.

IT Consulting

August marketing advise their customers how to utilise the information technology to gain profit in their business.

Business Development

August marketing team assist their clients to have following services, in regards to have clear plan and strategies of their business.

Design is the secret to great business

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